European Symposium 2019: Salutogenetic Hospital Design & Urban Health

28. März 2019 – 31. März 2019 ganztägig
Milano (ITA)


The evolution of medical practice, technological knowledge and  social  models  lead  to  questioning  the  relationship between caring spaces and living spaces within the city and the built environment. The Symposium  aims  at  creating an open multidisciplinary platform to identify the trends and challenges that Hospital Design and Urban Health will have to face in the coming years.

Main topics:

  • Toward the Milan Chart of Salutogenic Design & Urban Health
  • Transformations in Contemporary Public Health
  • Healthy and Sustainable Architectures of the Future: Cities, Healthcare Environments & Hospitals
  • Tradition and innovation in healthcare architectures: future trends and current debates
  • Organizational and spatial qualities for healthcare planning, delivery and management
  • Programming planning design and management of contemporary hospital settings
  • Healthcare complex system: safe and high-performance built environments
  • Health promotion and prevention in cities: innovative tools, strategies and methods
  • Health infrastructures in healthy cities: Current debates
  • Milestones in health promotion and prevention
  • Wellness and wellbeing for a future healthy society.


The participation fee depends on personal status and further options.

Further information can be found here.