16th International Conference on Urban Health – People Oriented Urbanisation: Transforming Cities for Health and Well-Being

4. November 2019 – 8. November 2019 ganztägig
Xiamen (CHN)


People’s health and wellbeing are at the heart of any urbanization process and call for innovative, integrative and intelligent transformations in all sectors of the urban system. People oriented urbanisation is about liveable, sustainable and healthy cities. Better understanding of how urban environments affect people’s mental, social and physical health is critical to creating liveable and healthy cities and communities. People oriented transformations for urban health are needed in every sector affecting city life, and win-win solutions are needed to promote people’s health and well-being and generate co-benefits across these sectors.

Main topics:

  1. Integrated Governance, Resilience and Health Risk Reduction
  2. Climate Change and Healthy Cities
  3. Economy, Trade, Employment and Social Inclusion
  4. Emerging Diseases, Healthcare and Public Services
  5. Urban-Rural Recoupling, Soil Security and Migration
  6. Liveable Urban Environments, Urban Planning and Design


The participation fee depends on personal status, date of registration (Early bird conditions: until 09.08.19) and additional options.

Further information can be found here.